A bit about Morphosis

My magazine will be focused on fashion and youth culture that is why i have choose the following topics for it.

The 1st one is entitled Interview with a pin-up girl.A so called pin up star invented by me , will give an interview about the perks of being a pin up model , what it involves etc.Unluckily I don’t have enough given space to make it a proper article so it will be reminded only in the table of contents , all the photos and the full interview can be found on my blog  .I will use for this the pictures from my second photo shoot.

The 2nd one will be a how to wear a certain piece of clothing ,where the reader will be informed  how they can play with the fashion etiquette, they will get new ideas and tips on how to dress smart but still be playful. The same space problem occurs here as well as i have other plans for the double spread ,so i have to reduce the article only to the table of contents.

The 3rd article will be a fashion pictorial with will take the double spread .The title will be ,,I AM the prom queen” The pictorial , was done as a response to the vanity and superficiality  of our society .Nowadays the looks and the clothes are the only thing that matters.Media brought into our perspective the image of the perfect person , and it tries to make us wanting to get there trough all the means, it tries to make us embrace a way of life based on consumerism where the personal development is not anymore perceived as a bloom of our intelligence or spirituality.For the pictorial i have used the photos from the 3rd photo shooting which was an outdoor shoot.

Maybe i will include other titles in the table of contents , but those 3 will be the main ones .


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