Pictorial for Morphosis

The prom queen pictorial ,it was done as a response to the vanity and superficiality  of our society .Nowadays the looks and the clothes are the only thing that matters.Media brought into our perspective the image of the perfect person , and it tries to make us wanting to get there trough all the means, it tries to make us embrace a way of life based on consumerism where the personal development is not anymore perceived as a bloom of our intelligence or spirituality.We live in an era where being a better person means having the biggest boobs , the most expensive clothes and the highest heels. The photos and the way I have edited them , are ,,making fun” of an,, icon” of our days , THE PROM QUEEN.The focus is mainly on the clothes .There is an antitheses between the background and the nature of the model and of the clothes.The background shows a messy and dirty environment ,towards which everybody is blind.It is actually depicting the real problems of our society that are masked and left ,,in the dark” as the people are distracted by the unrealistic and almost impossible to accomplish, but still unimportant, society norms, depicted in the pictorial bu the Prom Queen and her outfits  .The smudge roses are the elements that transformed the pictorial into a collage .they are symbols of the fact that beauty is not eternal and the looks will pale off  one day and then we realize that what with accomplished with our souls and minds is the real beauty.In the collages the model is interacting with the roses intentionally , to bold the idea that our superficial toughts and personality will kill our soul.some of the photos will be in the double spread of my magazine , as a fashion pictorial


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