Cover development


I finally come to an end with the cover of Morphosis , or at least i thought i did .After i satteled  down with one ideea for the cover i discoverd that i can play around with it a lot .The first picture below is one of the best mock ups , i did not concentrated to much on editing it because i have conceived another version with which i am covermorph

The photo below is the final version of the cover of Morphosis.It is in a developed stage of work as i have to add only titles and other details that a magazine should have trough convention.As my magazine will stand for change , personal development of the youth culture trough fashion and other arts i wanted to have on the cover and ,,ICON” a ,,celebrity” that people would look up to.This is why I’ve chose a photo from the ,,Interview with a Pin up” as the pin up girl is the main star of this issue of my future magazine. The idea of the ice cream and the title coming together accentuates the idea of transforming , all the issues of Morphosis will have an object mixed with the title.The way i wrote the title is more than just a simple font , it is a basic font that i adapted to my needs and ideas .The colors are from the pantone trends for 2015\2014 in fashion.finalcoverwithoutwritting43


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