Concept videos


  • CONCEPT • Concept videos are based around a single idea or concept and are usually unusual or obscure, even surreal for an audience. The unusual content is an attraction to many consumers, which draws them in. • A successful concept video will keep the audience entertained and constantly looking at what or who is on the screen.
  •  CONCEPT: THEMATIC • There are lots of common themes in music videos • Depends on the genre of music • E.g. Heavy Metal bands go for performance dominated clips, Rap has lots of street images, Dance routines are common in pop videos.
  • . CONCEPT: SYMBOLIC • Use of lots of symbols to build up meaning e.g. graveyard…death • Lots of use of montage – lots of images to create meaning sometimes often contradictory • Lighting often used to suggest mood • Fast paced – often only a few seconds per shot to build up meanings • Pictures can support or contradict the lyrics.
  • Performance/Concept/Narrative What’s the difference between…? Performance Concept Narrative e.g. features band or artist generally an idea a storyline Type of shots, theme, editing, audience positioning. Artist/Band & Song Title Type / Category Reasons Why / Characteristics

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