Different Artworks related to Subcarpati

For a better understandment of Subcarpati’s we took a look at the artwork made for them .From logos to posters and random digital art , they all incorporate the same idea of old merged with new new.We can find representatative symbols from Traditional Romanian Folklore or the  Carpathian mountains , reinterpreted in an underground minimalistic street style way.In the end the band is called Subcarpati (Eng. Under Carpathians) and their music genre is UNDERGROUND FOLKLORE, so it is important all the artwork made for them to represent their vibe.

Subcarpati subcarpati___underground_folclor_artwork_by_brebenel_silviu-d79dypq subcarpati_-_hiphoplive subcarpati_lansare_tralala_68826000 afis-subcarpati-galati-388x550 bg-macheta-web-lansare-compilatie-culese-din-cartier4 (1) fa22c40eb5fa307c0a2483a91ce9c3df fan madeubcarpatilogo images (2) images (3) images (5) images (7)


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