Target Audience Results

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Target audience

Here is a link to the Target Audience Survey for the music video:

Given that some embedding codes don’t work for I will rewrite the questions here.

1. Choose an age category :
Choose an age category :  16-20
30 or above
2. What is your gender?
What is your gender?  Female
3. Which is your favorite music genre?
Which is your favorite music genre?  Hip-hop , rap ,drum’n’base, electro
Pop and other commercial based genres
Anything that is exciting and has an underground vibe
4. How much do you  care about:

The lyrics of a song

The music ifself

The visual accompaniment

5. What influences if you like or dislike a music video?
What influences if you like or dislike a music video?  Thee mise en scene(how it looks, costumes ,setting, etc)
The way it is edited  (eg. if it the visiual part goes with the audio,)
The feeling and atmosphere created (if the music video intensifies the message and feeling of the song)
6. Which music video type do you fancy the most?
Which music video type do you fancy the most?  Narrative based video(a story line related to the lyrics and genre of the song)
Performance based video (the band\artist performing in front of the camera or audience)
Concept based video(based around an idea)
7. How do you access a music video
How do you access a music video  Internet
Mobile phones
8. How often do you watch music videos?
How often do you watch music videos?  Never
Not that often
9. Complete the following:
Complete the following:  Your favorite music video
Your least favorite music video

Subcarpati’s album ,,Pielea de gaina” digipack


The digipack from the album ,,Pielea de gaina” is a 4 panel digipack `.It depicts a  Romania Traditional landscape from Maramures region .On the outside cover we can see 4 characters , wearing traditional Maramures masks used in different traditional rituals,  and having traditional costumes while playing on different instruments, old and new.On the inside cover there is a panel for the TRACK LIST and one for the CD holder . On the CD is repeated the image from the front cover.84138469 afis-Pielea-de-gaina cd download (8)

Inspiration for the Website


I have found this particular two fan made logos very inspiring as it kept the Romanian traditional motifs in a very minimalist manner ,but also because of the way it reminds the viewers about the mountains ,and how I have said before Subcarpati is translated in English :Under Carpathians , and it is a group of small mountains near the Carpathian mountains.


The triangle shape is for sure something i want to keep for the design of the blog.

I was also thinking to use the folowing folk inspred patterns as a reminder of the Traditional Romanian culture.206f86a463504db3946a0e8b5b266e69 35315606-romanian-traditional-ethnic-costume-motif-genuine-pattern balkan-traditional-seamless-patterns_1 consecutive knitting patterns vector background002 download (11) motive3 motive4