Final Version of Morphosis-via Issuu and Printed Version

As i have said in previous posts I would like my magazine to be an e magazine and this is why i have choose to present it also in a browsing format via the publishing platform Issuu.Big publications like Elle , Marie Claire ,Glamour ,Vogue or In Style together with smaller and more unconventional fashion magazines as Decay or Eclectic are using this platform to share their work.

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To bring  to my readers the sensation of ink on paper closer to  them i have also made some mock-up of how the magazine would look like printed.


Target Audience

Given that my ideas changed a lot during the development process i also felt the need to revise the target audience survey and create a more in-depth idea about my ,,ideal” reader.The embedding code for the target audience questionnaire didn’t work on this webpage so i had to take screenshots.

Here is the survey:

target audience 1-4target audiece5-7target audience 8-9

And here is what i have found out about my audience .

Untitled Infographic

Development of the magazine-The last draft before the final piece


Below is presented the final draft of my magazine.A few changes have to be done but despite that this is the overall final look.Cracked , smashed ,linear,geometric are just a few key terms that would describe it.The alternation of powerful\pastel colors gives the magazine an edgy look ,perfect for a creative young adult.The magazine was firstly intended to be a fashion magazine but during my research i have discovered that i don’t have to stick with a classified style,I can anytime transform it into an interesting hybrid.My magazine intents to bring a different approach to fashion pictorials ,to familiarize the reader with the world of art and its issues .It also gives an insight into the underground culture having interviews with ,,not so regular” celebrities like a pin-up girl .Every topic in the magazine was meant to have a fresh vibe as this magazine will never be concerned about pretty shoes as much as having a hidden anti propaganda twords the overestimated and over appreciated topics like The Prom.It takes a world wide habit that usually generates nothing but a hole in the family’s budget and it shows how you can dress for less and still be in the center of attention .

 .My first ideas was to have a classy table of contents , but in the end i have realized it is not suitable for my approach of this topic.A geometric pattern with bold fonts and bright colors will reflect much better the idea of YOUTH CULTURE. This is not a gossip magazine and everything is here to help you as a person , especially because the magazine is targeted for people  between 18 and 25 years old.A crucial time when you start to acknowledged that life is not only fun and games.A inspirational quote will always be inserted in the table of contents, so the reader will have the feeling that the magazine is talking to them . 1(3)The cover is the only place where i have kept a classier attitude .It is still innovative and playful as everything bonds and  tangles intensifying the name of the magazine ,,MORPHOSIS”.On the cover you can see that the magazine has facebook,twitter,pinterest and instagram icons as the magazine will be distributed online having its own web site but being linked to social medias so it will be more accessible to the reader.
1 (2)

Development of the table of contents


The image below is a version of the final table of contents , the images should remain those ones and the self made template will remain as well. I still have to think about the titles as the ones that figure now are just fast thought .The table of contents is in the same idea as the rest of the magazine , GEOMETRICAL. Triangles , rombs and squares are a huge trend among young people nowadays , why shouldn’t i  adapt them to a magazine that is aiming to represent the youngsters:).Print

Cover development


I finally come to an end with the cover of Morphosis , or at least i thought i did .After i satteled  down with one ideea for the cover i discoverd that i can play around with it a lot .The first picture below is one of the best mock ups , i did not concentrated to much on editing it because i have conceived another version with which i am covermorph

The photo below is the final version of the cover of Morphosis.It is in a developed stage of work as i have to add only titles and other details that a magazine should have trough convention.As my magazine will stand for change , personal development of the youth culture trough fashion and other arts i wanted to have on the cover and ,,ICON” a ,,celebrity” that people would look up to.This is why I’ve chose a photo from the ,,Interview with a Pin up” as the pin up girl is the main star of this issue of my future magazine. The idea of the ice cream and the title coming together accentuates the idea of transforming , all the issues of Morphosis will have an object mixed with the title.The way i wrote the title is more than just a simple font , it is a basic font that i adapted to my needs and ideas .The colors are from the pantone trends for 2015\2014 in fashion.finalcoverwithoutwritting43

Different versions of the table of contents (experimentation)


Below are different versions of the future table of contents, none of them is a template that deserves to stay , but i will stick with the triangle geometry idea , as i believe that gives the magazine the right amount of hipsterish influences, thing that is good given the fact that my magazine represents the youth culture and fashion , so it presents the glam world of fashion trough a contemporary artistic view.The table of contents below are not done as they are just ways of experimenting my ideas.

contentstac tac2 tac3 tac4